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 Quests für Skiller (cb 3)

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Anzahl der Beiträge : 1245
Anmeldedatum : 29.04.10

BeitragThema: Quests für Skiller (cb 3)   Fr 8 März 2013 - 12:48

Quelle eng OF Quick find code: 321-322-351-64325742
Tipp: Blumen oder Bogen ohne Munition handhaben

Zaku schrieb:
Hello, welcome to the Quest Assistance thread directed towards skillers. Within this thread I have listed most if not all possible Quests that a Level 3 skiller is able to complete without gaining any combat experience.

The goal of this thread is to help newly formed skillers within Old-School 2007 'Scape whom wish to complete all possible Quests for their account without gaining any experience.

Please ensure the following before you start one of the listed Quests:
• Double check the 'rewards' on various fan-sites to ensure you will NOT gain any combat-based experience.
• Be sure to check for any Dangers/ Risks which may be involved (we want nobody losing anything important!)

• If any of the information within this thread is inaccurate please contact me ASAP so it can be edited/ fixed.

Quests possible for Skillers (With assistance)
• Bellow I have posted a list of possible Quests a skiller can complete.
• Be aware that Quests which reward Combat-based experience will NOT be listed.
• I have stated the following: Quest name, required skills & rewards.
• please note that certain quests may be DANGEROUS!!


Free To Play Quests
• Black Knight's Fortress
Requirements: 12 quest points.
Reward: 2500gp

• Cook's Assistant
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 300 cooking xp, Ability to use the Lumbridge Kitchen range

• Doric's Quest
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 1300 mining exp, 180 gold coins, permission to use Doric's anvils.

• Ernest the Chicken
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 300 coins

• Goblin Diplomacy
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 200 Crafting exp, 1 Gold bar.

• Pirate's Treasure
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 450 coins, a Cut Emerald, and a Gold Ring.

• Prince Ali Rescue
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 700gp, permission to pass through the Al Kharid gate for free.

• Romeo and Juliet
Requirements: N/a
Reward: Quest Points Only

• Rune Mysteries
Requirements: N/a
Reward: An Air talisman, Ablity to teleport to Rune Essance (speak to: Aubury or Sedridor)

• Sheep Shearer
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 150 Crafting exp, and 60gp.

• Shield of Arrav
Requirements: Friend in other Gang
Reward: 2 Certificates worth 600 gold coins.

• The Knight's Sword
Requirements: 10 Mining
Reward: 12,725 Smithing EXP

Members Quests

• A Tail of Two Cats
Requirements: Completed Icthlarin's Little Helper and Gertrude's Cat Quest.
Reward: Present obtaining mouse toy, Two 2,500Xp lamps which can only be used on a skill of 30+

• Biohazard
Requirements: Must have done Plague City quest.
Reward: 1250 thieving experience, and the ability to use King Lathas' training field.

• Clock Tower
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 500 coins.

• Demon Slayer
Requirements: N/a
Reward: Silverlight

• Digsite Quest
Requirements: 25 Thieving, 10 Agility and Level 10 Herblore
Reward: 2 Gold Bars, 2,000 Herblore Experience, 15,300 Mining Experience

• Druidic Ritual
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 250 herblore xp needed to begin the skill.

• Dwarf Cannon
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 750 Crafting xp, ability to buy Dwarf Cannon

• Eagles' Peak
Requirements: 27 Hunter
Reward: 2,500 Hunter XP, the ability to catch ferrets & rabbits, and the ability to ride the eagles from Eagle's Peak.

• Elemental Workshop
Requirements: 20 Mining, 20 Smithing, and 20 Crafting
Reward: Element Shield, 5,000 XP in Crafting, 5,000 XP in smithing.

• Enlightened Journey
Requirements: 20 Firemaking, 30 Farming, 36 Crafting, 20 Quest Points
Reward: 2k Crafting EXP, 3k Farming EXP, 1.5k Woodcutting EXP, 4k Firemaking EXP, Bomber Jacket and Cap, and access to the new Balloon transportation system.

• Fishing Contest
Requirements: 10 Fishing
Reward: 2437-3225 fishing experience (varies depending on your current XP), access to the underground tunnel of the Mountain Dwarves.

• Gertrude's Cat
Requirements: N/a
Reward: Chocolate cake, Stew, approx 1525 cooking exp, and a Kitten.

• Hazeel Cult
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 2k gp, a real cool amulet if you side with Clivet, and 1.5k thieving exp.

• Icthlarin's Little Helper
Requirements: Must have completed Gertrude's Cat Quest
Reward: Amulet of Catspeak, 4500 Thieving exp, 4000 Agility exp, and 4000 Woodcutting exp

• Jungle Potion
Requirements: Level 3 Herblore, Must have completed Druidic Ritual Quest.
Reward: 775 herblore xp

• Lost City
Requirements: 31 Crafting,36 Woodcutting
Reward: Access to Zanaris and the right to wield the Dragon longsword and Dragon dagger

• Lost Tribe
Requirements: 17 Mining, 13 Agility, 13 Thieving, Must have completed Rune Mysteries, Must have completed Goblin Diplomacy
Reward: 3000 Mining Experience, Ring of Life, Access to the Dorgeshuun mines.

• Monk's Friend
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 2000 Woodcutting xp and 8 Law runes

• Murder Mystery
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 2000 coins, and 1406 crafting experience.

• Plague City
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 2425 mining xp, and a Magic Scroll which notifies you that you can now cast the Ardougne teleport, providing you have the magic level and the runes

• Rat Catchers
Requirements: Must have completed Gertrude's Cat, and Icthlarin's Little Helper, A pet kitten/cat
Reward: 4.5k Thieving Xp, Access to the Rat Pits, and having unlocked Wiley and Lazy cats.

• Sea Slug
Requirements: 30 Firemaking
Reward: Oyster pearls, 7175 fishing xp

• Sheep Herder
Requirements: N/a
Reward: 3100 gp.

• Shilo Village
Requirements: Must have completed Jungle Potion, Level 32 Agility and 20 Crafting.
Reward: 3915 Crafting experience. Ability to get into Shilo Village

• Tears of Guthix
Requirements: 49 Firemaking, 20 Crafting and 20 Mining. 49 Smithing Recommended.
Reward: 1000xp in Crafting, and access to the Tears of Guthix cave.

• The Feud
Requirements: 30 Thieving
Reward: Blackjack, 15,000 Thieving xp, Desert disguise, 500 coins and an Adamant scimitar

• The Golem
Requirements: 20 Crafting, 25 Thieving
Reward: 1k Crafting experience and 1k Thieving experience; if you bring a Hammer and Chisel and use it on the Demons Throne you will receive 6 Gems: 2 Rubies 2 Emeralds and 2 Sapphires

• The Hand in the Sand
Requirements: 17 Thieving, 49

• Tower of Life
Requirements: 10 Construction
Reward: 1000 Construction XP, 500 Crafting XP, 500 Thieving XP, and access to Creature Creation!

• Tribal Totem
Requirements: 21 Thieving.
Reward: 1775 Thieving experience, and 5 Cooked Swordfish.
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Quests für Skiller (cb 3)
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